Goal of MyFellowGamers
  • Provide a gaming site which is both fun to use by those registered and fun to read by those just passing by. 
  • Generate "reviews" for games completely based off of the interactions within the community.

What Do You Do Here?
  • Write comparisons between any two games
  • Write blogs about games, gaming or anything at all
  • Recieve feedback and comments on everything you write
  • Agree or disagree with other user's comparisons
  • Comment on content
  • Read about your favorite games

A Little Background on the Situation

Typically, a game review is just one person's opinion of any given game.  Some reviewers are more harsh for certain types of games, while others aren't.  So instead of just reading one review, you may go to a site that combines all those reviews together into one score.  But you have pretty much no control over any of these scores.  If Game A ends up with a higher score than Game B and you disagree, there is nothing you can do about it.  This is where MyFellowGamers comes in.

MyFellowGamers is a site where every single user contributes to the rankings and reviews of all the games just by using the site!  Every comparison that is written will be read by people reading up on either game used in the comparison.  In addition to this, these comparisons are used to generate an overall ranking of the games on the site.  That means if Game A ends up with a higher score than Game B, you can write a comparison and if people agree with you, you can change that ranking!

Even if you don't care about the rankings, it's still a lot of fun to write blogs, compare games and recieve comments for your fellow gamers.