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Below are the top games on MyFellowGamers. These rankings are based off of all of the comparisons written on this site. If you see anything you disagree with, just write a comparison and if people agree with you, you can affect the rankings!

This feature is in alpha. There will be ongoing tweaks and adjustments to the algorithm which powers these rankings. Don't be surprised to see the rankings change drastically, it's all part of working out the algorithm. If things seem really out of place, send me an email at justin (at) myfellowgamers.com

Change values are for the past 7 days.

    • 22177 GPs
    • down 1 rank  
    • down 7 GPs  
    • 21892 GPs
    • down 1 rank  
    • down 76 GPs  
    • 19881 GPs
    • down 1 rank  
    • 19710 GPs
    • down 1 rank