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    While Tony Hawk games used to be the epitome of skating games, but when skate entered the gaming world, everything changed. Skate brought the ideas of not button mashing to get points but flicking the joystick in interesting directions. It brought a sense of purpose to each trick, a 180 meant moving the joystick from south to north along the side, not triangle in the air. Skate also brought the hall of meat. Where as most games you don't want to crash, in hom it is a race to see who can get hurt the most. It is a lot like the mode in Burnout Take Down to rack up damage.
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  • Skate marks the beginning of the end to the Tony Hawk franchise in my opinion.  They can only do so much to try and revive it.  It's not like they had a bad run at all, but I think it's time for them to pass the torch.
    justin  Level 29JournalistIt's All RelativeExtra CommentaryWeblog CommenterAlways Right
    6/14/2009 7:06 pm

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