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    I recently got my hands on The Twin Snakes, and for the most part, it's better than the original; the graphics update really, really helps. I'm usually not one to care about graphics, but old 3D graphics do not age well at all. TTS updates the game mechanics so it's basically MGS2 transplanted into Shadow Moses; basically a recipe for awesome.

    What bugs me though are two things: the voice acting and the music. TTS has mostly the same voice actors, but for whatever reason, Naomi and Mei Ling talk in American accents, and Naomi seems flat and lacks all emotion. At least Campbell pronounces "shaman" correctly this time.

    As for the music, it's still mostly the same as the original,  but the boss battles don't use the original "Duel"! Whatever they use in TTS (I think it's boss specific, I recall the Mantis battle having some motifs of "Mantis' Hymn") is completely forgettable. I haven't finished it yet (just broke out of the cell), but so far the music has disappointed.
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  • Sad to hear that they improve on so many things for Twin Snakes, but then take a huge step back by making the voice acting worse.  I wonder why they didn't just keep the original lines for those characters since they were delivered better.
    justin  Level 29JournalistIt's All RelativeExtra CommentaryWeblog CommenterAlways Right
    10/5/2009 9:10 am
    • Most of the actual dialog is exactly the same, and I'm not sure if the original delivery was actually better or if nostalgia is tinting my view. I still think Naomi, Mei Ling, and Nastasha were better with accents; I barely ever called Nastasha this time because she was boring without her accent (it's still there, just much weaker).

      One improvement to the music in Twin Snakes is during the final escape scene in the jeep (which goes a lot more smoothly when you can shoot Liquid in First Person View!). The song takes a lot of cues from the MGS main theme, which I don't think actually appears in the original.

      The rest of the music reminds me of MGS2's music, which is bad/odd because the music there was completely forgettable.
      Gaw  Level 5
      10/5/2009 1:10 pm

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