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    Overall Comparison
    2 games I've been playing a lot of lately and their both mmorpg's. Both games are made by the same companies and both games are basically built the exact same.

    the exceptions:

    Ether Saga is more cartoony and "cute" compared to Perfect World. Perfect World is the more serious looking game and all the User Interface Displays are smaller than that of Ether Saga.

    Perfect World has a auto find system. where you can go into your current quests list and click on the guys name that your looking for to finish the quest and your character will automatically start walking in the direction of the guy that your trying to find.

    Ether Saga has something similar. You go into the current quests list and click on one of the NPCs your trying to locate and it will take you to them. but in Perfect World its just a straight line. in Ether Saga it actually makes a path around objects to so you don't run into a bunch of crap.

    The one thing I like about both games is that they basically force you to do quests in order to get a nice amount of XP. These games aren't like other mmo's where you can just go in for a couple hours and kill a bunch of monsters to level up. if you did that with these games you'd be stuck at one level for quite some time.

    Ether saga really catches your eye more than perfect world does. but Ether Saga just floods you with so much different crap that you find yourself not wanting to deal with it. ( hey learn how to do this this this this this oh and feed your pet oh and here's like a million billion quests ). Where as Perfect World International does not do this, PWI is pretty balanced. Finish one quest. you get another ( sometimes ).
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