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    It's that time again, yes that time that I review games that the casual video game player probably has never heard about (well they might have heard about guild wars).

    Runes of Magic and Guild wars are both free to play games. Except Guild wars requires you buy it. so technically what I mean by a F2P game is that of no monthly fees.

    Runes of Magic is, dare I say it, a clone of World of Warcraft. And dare I say again that Runes of Magic is a much better game than Guildwars IN my opinion.

    Level Cap: RoM: 55, GW: 20, personally I like a larger level cap than 20, level 20 isn't very intimidating.

    World: Unlike guild wars, RoM's world outside of cities and forts are not realy "disconnected" from eachother. In GW you would leave town or a fort, and then unless you had a party you were pretty much on your own, no other characters out there. RoM (and like a million other mmo's) does the classic everyone goes everywhere scenario. except for a few areas I believe, I haven't gotten that far to find out about those area's, I keep dying. The fact that it is open world makes it so much easier to find help on the spot with a quest.

    Quests: The quests in RoM aren't what I expected they would be. the fact that you can do more than just kill things in this game really does add to the entertainment value of quests and continued playability. some quests have you gather materials such as herbs, some of course have you kill certain creatures, and some have you help a fallen NPC.

    equipment: there is a larger amount of usable equpiment in Runes of Magic as compared to Guild Wars, but who am I to talk that way. I never got all the expansion packs for Guild wars all I got was Eye of the north.

    Stupidity: RoM has walking/talking dog npc's that controll the portals... kinda stupid. guild wars takes the cake here against stupidity.

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