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    Overall Comparison
    Prince of Persia is always a fun game to play, one of the main reasons is the Parkour sequences in the games. Story is also a very major part of the Prince of Persia games. It's a story that I love to play.

    In WW (warrior within) The prince finds himself full of selfish internal conflicts. He wants to save his own butt without taking into consideration what might happen if he changes his fate. So you're fighting for totally selfish reasons.

    In The Two Thrones (TT) You're fighting for your kingdom, well, half way through you are anyway. This is one of the elements that makes TT a lot more fun to play, because you're seeing the prince actually accept what has happened, and rather than try and fix the issue, he just progresses off of it like any normal human would.

    Another thing that makes The Two Thrones more fun to play is how well the story carries over between the two games. At the beginning of Two Thrones the story is off, but is explained as to what actually happened at the end of Warrior Within. In Two Thrones the Prince is fighting internally with a part of him that he should have left back on the island of time. but instead it takes a physical manifestation when the sands are released and it consumes him every once in a while.

    Overall the story in The Two Thrones is a lot more intriguing and interesting, and the inclusion of quick kills actually makes the game even more fun, as well as easier.
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  • I definitely liked Two Thrones better myself, and consider it the best in the series.  I liked that it went off that grungy metal thing that Warrior Within was trying to do.

    However, my favorite moments in the entire series was probably the Dahaka chase scenes, cause it kept my adrenaline going and pushed me to run through those sequences perfectly.
    Stone  Level 26JournalistWeblog CommenterIt's All RelativeAlways Right
    7/9/2010 7:07 am
    • yep, the Dahaka scenes were my favorite too, I was hoping for something similar when i played Two Thrones, but they had two things that filled the void, quick kill, and new ways to parkour :P

      They also added chariot races, which weren't all that great but intense non-the-less. and of course there were better boss fights in two thrones as well. My personal favorite was the fight with the dark prince, even though there really wasn't ANY fighting, it was still a nice plot point.
      GeneBit  Level 23JournalistWeblog CommenterIt's All Relative
      7/9/2010 6:07 pm

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