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    Controls Comparison
    This is purely based on controllers.

    The guitar controller on Rock Band is MUCH more comfortable and practical than the GH:WT or GH5 controller.  The fret buttons take up the FULL FRET, as opposed to the childish smaller buttons on the GH controller.
    The strum bar is a matter of preference.  RB's is completely silent, but it's also a little tougher to be precise on fast patterns.  GH's is still clicky, but it's fairly quiet and you barely hear it if you crank your sound up as much as I do, and it's perfect for fast patterns.

    I much much MUCH prefer the solo buttons over GH's slider.  The slider just isn't implemented well.  Transitioning from the normal buttons to the slider is just terrible and pointless.  You might as well just stay on the buttons the entire time.  However, with RB's solo buttons, I can transfer there and back with ease.  They're smaller, so there's less finger movement, and I can feel where the buttons are when I play.

    As for the drums, again, it's a matter of preference.  The kick pedal is far superior in RB, IMO.  I'll give GH credit for having cymbals a part of the base installation, and the pads are quieter, but otherwise I once again prefer the RB drums.
    I have the three cymbal expansion for RB, and I love 'em.  It makes it really satisfying to roll the snare, toms, and then finish with a cymbal crash.  Plus in free play, you pretty much have an entire drum kit, so you should be able to play any song you want :)

    Vocals... eh whats there to say.  Who plays vocals?
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  • Id play vocals. If my favorite bands had packs for the games.
    GeneBit  Level 23JournalistWeblog CommenterIt's All Relative
    9/25/2009 6:09 pm
    • What are your favorite bands?
      justin  Level 29It's All RelativeJournalistAlways RightExtra CommentaryWeblog Commenter
      10/5/2009 9:10 am
      • Sonata Arctica, Celesty, and the third one varies so Imma go with dragonforce.
        GeneBit  Level 23JournalistWeblog CommenterIt's All Relative
        10/19/2009 3:10 pm
        • Why does a very high proportion of 'nerds' (no offense) listen to power metal?

          It seems to be the dominant genre of music that avid gamers listen to..
          10/21/2009 2:10 am
          • Heh, good question!  I dunno, maybe I'm just physically weak so instead I listen to music that makes me feel tough.  I dunno, I also like the skill involved in making metal music.
            Also, metal tends to make me feel like running around and breaking stuff, which is what we usually do in games, so maybe there's a connection there.
            Stone  Level 26JournalistWeblog CommenterIt's All RelativeAlways Right
            10/21/2009 8:10 am

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