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    Overall Comparison
    I really wanted to do a breakdown of these games category by category, but the honest truth is that Uncharted 2 may possibly the best cinematic video game I ever played and wins in nearly all categories.

    The graphics are probably the best the PS3 has to offer.  And it's not just the graphics, but the way they look WHILE YOU'RE STILL PLAYING!  The developers did a great job of blending dynamic and pre-rendered physics and events together to really draw you into an action movie.  It's hard to forget the train ride, the helicopter chase, or climbing through the ice caves.

    AC2 has great visuals too, though.  The architecture looks beautiful, and they are absolutely filled with townspeople to really bring the environment to life.  However, it isn't nearly as colorful or dynamic as Uncharted 2.  The voice acting and story is still good, but again, it's just not that memorable.

    I greatly appreciate Uncharted 2 because it shows us that a game doesn't have to be an open world sandbox to be good.  There's definitely a distinctive charm and presentation with linear scripted gameplay.  Sure, the ride is the same every time, but it's a damn good ride.
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