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    A lot of backlash arose when L4D was announced to be out about a year after the first one was released.  Did L4D2 really deserve to be it's own stand-alone title?  I say yes.

    L4D2 really tickled me when it included a gameplay mechanic that I always thought would be awesome.  I'm talking about the dubbed "gauntlet mode" that occurs in some levels.
    In L4D1, events usually consisted of hitting a button, finding a corner, and holding out until your door was opened.  Thankfully, L4D2 changes it up.  Some events required hitting a button and mad-dashing through horde to another button.  Others may include scavenging gas cans to fuel a car.

    There's also new threats this time around.  Sure you have a couple new boss infected, but the surprise to me was the uncommon infected.  These are generally the normal horde, except they have special properties which vary between campaigns.  Construction workers can't hear pipebombs, riot officers are only vulnerable on their backside, etc.

    The one disappointment is the L4D2 survivors.  Ellis is definitely my favorite, and Coach occasionally has some good lines, but Nick and Rochelle are incredibly forgetful and boring.  I honestly couldn't even remember Rochelle's name until I remembered Ellis speaking about her before.

    I hate to say it, but I can't really think of a reason to go back to playing L4D1 now that I have L4D2.  It's really everything and then some.  Plus, I HAVE to mention how epic the Hard Rain campaign is on L4D2, especially the second half.  If you played it, then you know what I mean ;)
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  • The only reason i would go back to L4D1 would be the characters. I can only hope that valve will later give us some DLC to put them back in the game. I liked the original 4, they fit so well with one another and with the game.
    GeneBit  Level 23JournalistWeblog CommenterIt's All Relative
    12/20/2009 12:12 pm
    • Actually, believe it or not, Valve announced some DLC for L4D2 that'll add another campaign.  During the new campaign, the new survivors bump into the old survivors.  Not sure about anything beyond that.  Dunno if they'll fight alongside the new survivors, or if it'll just be a cameo, or if they're playable, or what.
      Stone  Level 26JournalistWeblog CommenterIt's All RelativeAlways Right
      12/20/2009 12:12 pm

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