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    Overall Comparison
    Curse of Monkey Island is generally considered to be the best Monkey Island game by many (I personally prefer LeChuk's Revenge myself).  So how does the new episodic adventure fare in comparison?

    Curse was fresh by bringing in higher resolution characters, more lively animation, and voice acting to the series.  It gave a much needed facelift to the series and had pitch-perfect voice-acting that really brought the characters to life.

    Tales isn't the first Monkey Island game in 3D, but it's easily more fun and designed better than Escape was.  You get a slew of familiar characters, and a few memorable new faces as well.  The game comes in five episodes, and they are all pretty entertaining.  Guybrush is as charming and occasionally dimwitted as ever, and there's a new spin on LeChuk that's definitely a treat, and even Stan the salesman returns with yet another business prospect under his belt.  The series has been handled with great care and Telltale did Monkey Island justice.

    As far as length, Curse and Tales are about equal.  It's hard to judge the length cause everyone's playthroughs will be different.  Some will have harder or easier times on puzzles, and some will spend more time examining every nook and cranny, and exhausting every conversation option with every character.

    Tales may look a little dated for today's visual standards, but it still maintains that pirate-y charm and humor that fans have come to expect from the MI series.  That being said, Curse still holds it's own with retro but beautiful 2D hand-drawn visuals that look copied straight out of a Disney film.

    Personally, I believe Tales (and Telltale in general) does a better job of pointing out the puzzles that you need to solve, and a general idea of how to go about solving them.  When playing Curse, it sometimes gets so overwhelming that you start wondering around with little sense of what you should be doing.
    It's important to note that neither of these games will allow you to die or get stuck to the point that you have to restart your game, so you never have to proceed with caution, so to speak.

    I pick Tales over Curse mainly cause it's a fresh take on a long beloved series.  Nothing feels too out of place, the dialogue is as witty as ever, and I personally thought the climax was much better.  The only thing I could fault it for was that there was a key location from the series missing in Tales.  I don't want to give any spoilers, but it's pretty obvious.
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