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    Overall Comparison
    Both these games play out more like an interactive movie than a game.  However, unlike many traditional RPG's and point n' click adventures, you can control the outcome of the story.  These games take slightly different approaches, however.

    Indigo Prophecy (of Fahrenheit, as it is known outside of my self-involved nation) has you controlling several people during the course of what begins as a murder mystery.  You play the roles of both the killer AND the cops looking for him, which is very interesting.
    There is a sort of psyche meter for all the characters.  Simple actions like washing hands and drinking a beverage wlil raise psyche, while witnessing terrible events like finding a dead body will lower the psyche.  When the meter goes to zero, your character gives up and you fail.  Well, they put it a bit better than that, but there's the gist.

    Heavy Rain is another murder mystery that controls similarly to Indigo Prophecy.  You control four different characters throughout the game, and everyone is involved trying to find a serial killer.  You play the role of a P.I., an FBI agent, a journalist, and the father of a recently kidnapped victim.  You see all sides of the story and it all eventually ties together at the end.  Some parts are slow, but it's definitely worth it for the finale.
    Gone is the psyche meter.  Instead, Heavy Rain takes a much more direct approach.  Got your character killed?  Tough, live with it.  The story moves on.  NOTHING in this game halts the story in any way.  The main characters can die.  The victim may or may not survive.  The killer may be found, or he may not. 

    I much much MUCH prefer Heavy Rain for one main reason.  Indigo Prophecy starts out excellent, playing out just like a murder mystery.  However, it suddenly takes a very stupid turn about halfway through and gets absolutely ridiculous at the end. 
    Heavy Rain's plot stays consistent through and through and doesn't try to flavor the story with stupid plot elements out of thin air.  And with it's multiple endings and multiple paths, it's definitely worth replaying.

    Neither of these games are for everyone.  The controls are definitely weird, especially for Heavy Rain, but it's also a great story to play through.
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