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    Gameplay Comparison
    Both games feature free-roaming destrucible environments and fun gameplay mechanics.  However, Just Cause 2 allows for much more creativity.

    Red Faction is better in it's destruction, all in all.  You can plow vehicles through buildings, set up mine charges, or just wack away at things with a hammer.  You can take down entire huge structures, and that's fantastic.

    Just Cause 2, you can't destroy EVERYTHING like you can in Red Faction, but there's still plenty to destroy.  You can use cars as guided missiles by jumping out at the last second, cause a very fun kaboom.  You can grapple statues to trucks and yank 'em down.  Parachuting around a city while gunning down everyone is definitely a joy.

    However, the main reason why I don't like Red Faction: Guerrilla as much...
    When you destroy all the buildings, there's nothing left to destroy.  You peaked, you're done, nothing.

    With Just Cause 2, you destroy everything, and there's still all sorts of fun experimenting to do with grappling vehicles together and whatnot.
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