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    If we were to talk about Streets of Rage 2, I'd feel differently.  If we were to focus strictly on the SNES version of Final Fight, then SoR would win this comparison.

    These games felt so similar that I had to double check that they weren't from the same company.
    Capcom made Final Fight, and it's fantastic in the arcades.  On the SNES, not so much.  On home console, you're limited to playing single player, one of the characters is gone (they later re-added him in a Blockbuster-exclusive release), and only 3 baddies would show up at any one time. 
    In the arcade version, though, things were much more hectic, sometimes fighting over 7 guys at once, which makes a huge difference.

    Streets of Rage was Sega's answer to Final Fight.  However, it felt much more like an arcade game than Final Fight did on home console.  Three selectable characters, two player co-op, and lots of baddies.

    Honestly, there's no real good reason why I prefer Final Fight.  Maybe I just like the characters more.  Haggar is a hulking badass, and he's mayor, which is kind of funny. 

    SoR does have a superior soundtrack though, bar none.
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