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  • Call of Duty 2 is better than battlefield 1942
    Overall Comparison
    Ok so this is my first review and lets get the ball rolling. Battlefield 1942 and Call of Duty: 2 are both WWII First Person Shooters that received good reviews.             Battlefield 1942... more

    Ok so this is my first review and lets get the ball rolling. Battlefield 1942 and Call of Duty: 2 are both WWII First Person Shooters that received good reviews.

                Battlefield 1942 features many of the most famous battles in all 4 theatres of World War 2 (Pacific, European, North African, and Russian) and a choice to fight as any Either Axis or Allies, depending on nation-specific battles (for example, UK-Germany in Battle of Britain and Italians-American in ‘Operation Husky’)

                Call of Duty 2 only features campaigns in 3 theatres (North African, Russian and European) as the Allied force but raked in excellent reviews and had a very wide following.



                There is no set storyline for the single player campaign in BF: 1942 it more or less throws you into a battle as the selected Nation as you capture or recapture territories (similar to that of Capture the flag) While it lacks story driven gameplay the battle’s aren’t linear and boast a whopping 21 maps in itself and more with the 2 expansion packs included. As in the sense you can make you way pretty much anywhere around, to an extent for if you wander too far out you come into a ‘red zone’ where you will die after a certain time. The player is given a choice of 5 infantry types, Scout (sniper rifles and binoculars), Assault (automatics), Anti-tank (rocket launcher), Medic (Machine gun with med packs so that you may heal your fellow allies), and Engineers (Un-scoped rifles, the ability to heal Vehicles and mounted weapons, Landmines, and C4). The multiplayer is essentially the same as its singleplayer, featuring the same maps as the Single player. except the ai in the singleplayer is replaced with other players connected to the server, although there is the option to play with both AI and connected players together. The game allows you to take control of all vehicles and mounted weapons, such as machine guns, shore guns, and anti-aircraft guns. The vehicles list everything from Tanks, Aircraft Carriers, Submarines, and Aircraft. BF: 1942 shifts the FPS genre from the usual lone fighting machine player and attempts to make it more of a cooperative team effort. Since its map are rather large and open exploits such as botting are seen very much, and most of the servers are PunkBuster protected the chance of encountering such exploits are slim.

                In Call of Duty 2 you play as a soldier in the Red army on the eastern front, then The British in North Africa then Europe, then as an US soldier in Europe. Call of duty’s storyline is moving and tells the story of a soldier In each of the allied nations and expresses dramatic situations of war such as being over-run by the enemy, discovering Prisoners, running from a big ass tank that broke through the wall, and having to retreat after a hard fought battle, you become attached to the fate of the soldier. The storyline covers up the fact that the gameplay is linear in fashion, with minor exceptions in the fact that opportunities present themselves where you can achieve objectives in a selective pattern. The multiplayer is fast paced and intense, allowing you to choose from a list of weapons (which in most cases are nation sensitive and range from scoped rifles, shotguns, semi-automatic rifles, to automatics), and features 13 maps. But with the Release of ‘Radiant’ players can make and upload their custom maps thus, creating an almost infinite amount of new maps. Though with everything good there exist bad, as with BF’s servers CoD uses PunkBuster, which in personal cases seems to suck kicking you sporadically, and when you play a server without it the exploits come and kill the fun. Even so the multiplayer proves a very fun battle arena and will keep me coming to kick Gene’s but for quite awhile.


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