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    Overall Comparison

    The more I've been playing these games, the more I enjoy playing GH series over Rock Band 2.


    First of all the gameplay is exactly the same with main difference in how the notes look.  They both have some fun songs to play and some not so fun songs.  But what makes GH better is how the story takes you through ALL the songs throughout your career.  While Rock Band's Tour mode keeps on making you play some songs over and over even when you've unlocked and moved on to different venues!  That's a crappy way to rob players of more gaming hours.


    RB does have a very comprehensive list of songs but why recycle them!?  If I want to play the song again I would simply just go to Quickplay mode and rock.  Also if you are playing RB for the first time, I noticed that it doesn't let you play any song right away when you go to Quickplay mode.  You have to unlock them in Tour mode.


    I do like how RB will highlight a song's guitar solo to earn more points but the novelty wears off after a few songs.


    Overall I enjoy playing through GH because it just flows through all the songs.  It keeps things fresh with less of "UGH!  WTF!  I just played this song!".

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  • I disagree.  The reason being is that Guitar Hero made you play through just about every song.  However, Rock Band 2 would let you progress by replaying songs that you'd prefer to play, or by letting you pick your own.  Sure you end up replaying songs, but I'd rather replay fun songs than play through a lot of crappy songs once.
    PLUS, RB2 lets you incorporate your downloaded songs into the main game, and that's awesome.
    Stone  Level 26JournalistIt's All RelativeAlways RightWeblog Commenter
    9/9/2009 10:09 am
  • Hmmm, this is difficult...  I think I gotta go with the non-repeating songs.  Some of them may be crappy, but at least there is a sense of progression mixed in there.
    justin  Level 29It's All RelativeJournalistAlways RightExtra CommentaryWeblog Commenter
    9/9/2009 3:09 pm

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