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    Just glanced over at the top ten games and noticed that it says that TF2 is better than Fallout 3.

    I don't think so =)

    Both games are a ton of fun when you're playing them.  Team Fortress 2 has an advantage because, since its multiplayer, you can play it endlessly and always enjoy it.  Fallout 3 does have a much more limited play time. The big difference though is the memories of my experience playing these games.

    TF2 gives you memorable moments like "that one time I rocket jumped and did that thing" or "when i set up that thing over the thing and that guy thinged".  But with Fallout 3, I remember stuff like "I hate those stupid kids that call me mungo" and "I wish I blew up megaton so that stupid guy next to the bomb would shut up".  The entire game was a unique experience that left me with vivid memories, which I think is pretty rare with games now. 

    I remember feeling a certain way when I had to make certain decisions in Fallout 3.  Now that there is a lot of DLC coming out for Fallout 3, your experience doesn't have to end when the game ends.  TF2 is still an awesome game, but everyone seriously owes it to themselves to play Fallout 3 if you haven't already.
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  • Hehe, crap.  Because of the disagreements from @commandant @captainjustice and @2muchdew, TF2 has moved even further up the charts and Fallout 3 has moved down.  That's pretty sweet, even if I wanted the opposite to happen.
    justin  Level 29JournalistIt's All RelativeExtra CommentaryWeblog CommenterAlways Right
    5/17/2009 7:05 pm

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