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    Dead Rising started off as a really cool game. It has some pretty good graphics, gameplay is fun and there are a lot of things in the game that can keep you busy. Prototype started off as a crappy version of what could have been a really cool game. You are nearly invincible and have so many powers that you end up using the same few all the time.

    And then a couple hours into each game, something weird happened. I started getting pretty bored with Dead Rising, but Prototype kept my interest.

    In Dead Rising, I started getting sick of always trying to find weapons to fight the zombies with and spent a lot of time running for my life. Doesn't help that whatever weapon you have will break after a certain amount of use.

    Prototype isn't a great game and didn't get any better after the first few hours. But it didn't get worse either. It stayed about the same, which was enough to have me start getting into the mindless destruction that the game requires. It was fun enough to keep on playing if you don't mind doing the same types of things over and over again to slowly unlock the story.

    It was because of how frustrating Dead Rising could be that made me start to slowly dislike the game. The controls made it difficult to do exactly what you needed to do at times. Anything involving shooting a gun just felt sloppy and difficult. Prototype was less frustrating, mostly because I felt more in control of my in-game actions. Sometimes it meant running away from a fleet of helicopters and then kicking them until they exploded, but at least I could stay in control of the situation.
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