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    Multiplayer Comparison
    Both of these games are a lot of fun when playing online for totally different reasons.  It's cool to kill a bunch of zombies.  It's also cool to kill a bunch of people on the other team.  The one thing that makes L4D2 a big loser in my book is that there seems to be a thousand different ways to do something wrong.

    Everything is going all nice and good and, whoops, a witch gets hit by one of your stray bullets.  We'll don't you feel stupid now.  Or how about accidentally getting trapped in a corner with a tank and you lose almost all your health.  Or maybe I'll use my medpack now but oh wait, I should have just died and let someone revive me.  Stupid me. Accidentally get stuck outside with the horde?  Ain't that a shame.

    It can get pretty frustrating when there are a thousand ways to lose the game for your team. Everyone hates being the guy that screws it up for everyone else.  Like Chris Webber calling for a timeout and getting a technical because they were out.  Or Ty Law not defending the Colorado hail mary properly.  Sorry for the Michigan sports references, but I'm sure you know what I mean.  It feels like crap to be that guy and L4D2 makes sure that at least once a game, it can be you.

    MW2.  You kill them.  They kill you.  You kill them some more.  Nice and simple and totally addicting.
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