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    Multiplayer Comparison
    Borderlands coop gameplay is simple, but for some reason, I just love playing it with friends.  L4D2 is fun too and also simple in its own way, but it's definitely not a relaxing game.

    L4D2 requires a lot of focus to make sure you don't disturb a witch or set off a car alarm or are just generally aware of where your teammates are.  Borderlands plays more like an MMORPG, so you're questing most of the time and can semi relax while you play.  What that means is you can actually chat with your friends on a headset about whatever you like while you play.  It actually feels like you're playing a fun game with friends instead of some game where you and your friends dish out orders to one another.  It just isn't nearly as enjoyable.  When you're playing L4D2, your friend becomes just another player because of the way you have to play the game.

    Kind of a weird comparison, but this really matters for me.  If I'm on a headset chatting with friends, it's kinda nice to be able to relax and talk to them about whatever you like instead of stressing out about the game.  I guess it's kinda like having a friendly conversation with a friend while disarming a bomb: it just isn't fun.
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  • I disagree.  Your points are valid, but if I'm wanting to play multiplayer, then I'm gonna load up L4D.  The multiplayer focus on L4D2 is much better than Borderlands.  I play a game online cause I want to work together to do something, not cause it's a big online chat room with guns :P
    Though maybe it's cause I don't have a headset and there just isn't nearly as many people playing Borderlands on PC.  I've been told that Borderlands is pretty much a first person post-apocalyptic Diablo 2, and that makes sense.
    Stone  Level 26JournalistWeblog CommenterIt's All RelativeAlways Right
    12/16/2009 10:12 am
    • Yea.  I guess the focus on teamwork in L4D2 is so strong that it can make the game not fun for me.  I don't play competitive sports and try to avoid competitions and this feels like everything I left behind from YMCA youth basketball =P  You just feel super dumb when you miss an easy shot, just like how you feel super dumb when you bump into a witch.
      justin  Level 29It's All RelativeJournalistAlways RightExtra CommentaryWeblog Commenter
      12/16/2009 10:12 am
      • Yeah, I definitely hear you there.  It's also very disheartening to be a noob and not completely understand the game when you play with vets.  Gamers can be extremely harsh when they aren't looking you in the face.  Personally, if someone messes up, it doesn't really bug me, cause I know that I've done it plenty of times.  For example, I thought bringing a shotgun into a car lot with alarms ready to go off would be a good idea.  It's not.
        Stone  Level 26JournalistWeblog CommenterIt's All RelativeAlways Right
        12/16/2009 11:12 am
        • Yeah that probably isnt to terribly smart. but then you have the idiots in the game that just want to fudge you up any chance they get. kill you, alert a hoard, mess around when you need help. And that's what makes l4d and l4d2 ( even though i hvaent played l4d2 ) frustrating at times. and that's when it gets annoying when you have to tell them to do everything and anything that could possibly be a given. 

          If you get a good group of people in l4d then the game goes by usually without a hitch. The fact hat the group of players know what they're doing and how to do it effectively makes the game so much more enjoyable. 
          GeneBit  Level 23JournalistWeblog CommenterIt's All Relative
          12/20/2009 12:12 pm
  • Really l4d2 and the first one are the most repetitive games i really dont know how people play those games borderlands is def a way more solid game has way more things to it
    10/24/2011 9:10 am

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