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    Voice Acting Comparison
    This is such an easy win for Uncharted that it's not even funny.  We'll, it kind of is.

    Killzone 2 has some of the worst voice acting I have heard in a while.  The soldiers have totally empty dialogue whose whole purpose is to make you think "man, these guys are tough".  They swear a bunch and say a lot of tough guy things, but they do it very unconvincingly, as if there is a convincing way to do it?  Anyway, I've learned to ignore practically every word that comes out of any characters mouth because it probably will only annoy me.

    Uncharted.  Oh, Uncharted.  You are an amazing game.  You have great voice acting that, when I look back on it, just added to the feeling of playing a live-action movie.  Some really good stuff.  The lip-syncing too was great, from what I can remember, which just makes the impact of the voice acting that much bigger.
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