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  • And the gamers revolt.  Left 4 Dead (L4D) fans are up in arms this week over Valve's announcement at E3 for a sequel to be released this November.  There isn't much left to say without simply regurgitating the issues the L4D community has with this news, so I'll just post a link at the end.  To summarize, the fans already felt cheated out of much-promised updates and are now facing the prospect of paying $50 for a sequel within a year of the original release.  And to top it off, the L4D2 looks no better than what they expected from the undelivered updates.

  • I just started to feel old when I read that GamerGirl and gunblade111 are both 18(ish).  I know a few of the other users are younger and a few are older, but I don't know about the rest.  That got me interested in the demographics of the site.  So I'll start.

    I'm 23.

    Also, to make myself feel even older, I'll give a little more background info: I graduated from college in December and am going to Northwestern in the fall to start a Ph.D. program.  Yes.  Old.

    Stone, Justin.  I don't know how old you are, but I'm relying on you to make me feel young again.
  • Since I love the site and would like to see it improve, I have a few suggestions.  Comments and criticism very welcome, along with suggestions of your own.

    1) User messaging - So I can make stupid suggestions more privately, maybe. =P
    2) Gaming account name support - It would be cool to be able to add games to your profile and show the name you use.  For example, I could add EVE and put Raskol Romanovich in a corresponding field.  Even better would be the ability to limit showing your ID's only to friends.  Even betterer would be the ability to toggle which ones to keep friends-only and which to show publicly.
    3) Game map/mod support (?) - Not necessary, and a bit complicated.  Within a game's page, there could be a listing of its own levels and mods and ranking votes (maybe no comments, but just positive votes).  For example, Warcraft 3 would have a ranking for DOTA, Element TD, etc.  Halflife 2 would have CS:S, Portal, TF2, etc.  Then, I could vote for CS:S and Portal to move them up in the rankings.
  • I just logged in and went through the new list, read a bunch of the comparisons and rated all of the ones I felt I had an actual opinion on.  So I was wondering:

    -What percentage of the comparisons you rate do you actually read?
    -Do you rate comparisons of 2 games you haven't played?
    -How often do you leave a comparison unrated because you can't decide?

    For myself, I probably read 80% of the articles I rate.  I feel like it's actually a high percentage given the amount of reading it entails.  The remaining 20% usually comes from comparisons like FF7 vs. <Wrestling Game>. I have no interest in Wrestling and know FF7 will auto-win if I played, so I rate and move on.

    On the other hand, if I have no experience with either game, I leave it alone.  I'll sometimes read the article, but I don't feel that I should vote.

    So, what say you, my fellow gamers?
  • Anyone looking forward to playing the new Windows sequel?  I haven't tried the beta yet, but I'll be sure to do so before forking over $400 or whatever on the final release.

    So, this all started out as a post in another thread, but it didn't really belong.  Basically, I felt that I should go on some rant about how the Final Fantasy games parallel Windows.  Maybe it's not a novel idea, but I thought it was interesting.  Plus, I don't feel like googling it only to be disappointed that I'm not the first.  Anyway, on to the show:

    Much like Windows 1-3, the earliest FF's (1-5) are a distant memory to most, but were good enough to keep the franchises going.  They had complaints, but were sound products for their time.  Without them, both the gaming and OS industries would likely never have gotten to where they are now.

    Win95/98 would probably be FF6/7, the good old mainstays that got most fans into it in the first place, the ones we still dream to have a taste of yet again.

    WinME/2000 can be FF8, changing a bit too much, which frustrated a lot of people.  Ultimately, Win2000 and FF8 barely met most users' expectations.  I don't remember FF8 crashing much, but we can pretend that there's a parallel for ME's incessant crashes.

    Vista would likely be FF9, a fundamentally great release, but ultimately very unpopular because it didn't deliver the fundamentals the way the users wanted them.  (I'm still bitter about how few people liked FF9).

    And XP, the current king, most like FF10.  A robust product that weathered most of the complaints and remained popular for most users.  Especially in light of previous releases.

    Windows 7?  I have yet to find out.  Hopefully not like FF11... I don't need a hundred Japanese people yelling at me because they think I'm using Notepad wrong.

    Sure, the order's a bit out of whack, but maybe it works.  Maybe no one will agree.  I just happen to be a tad bored at work.


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  • Donkey Kong is better than Pacman
    Overall Comparison
    Gorging myself on dots and fruit was never my thing.  With Donkey Kong, I could avoid barrels, take on a hulking Gorilla, and save a princess all in a day's work.  Each level had different goals and... more

    Gorging myself on dots and fruit was never my thing.  With Donkey Kong, I could avoid barrels, take on a hulking Gorilla, and save a princess all in a day's work.  Each level had different goals and designs while Pacman was limited to walls, dots, and ghosts.

    Clearly, if Pacman were the better game, we would be playing Pacman Kart Racing and the Wii would have been released with a Pacman Galaxy title.  Looks like an easy win for the Mario family.

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