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    Overall Comparison
    Let me start by saying I haven't finished FFXIII yet.  But I feel quite certain that even once I have completed it, FFX was the better game. 

    FFXIII is linear to the extreme.  Most JRPGs are linear but give the illusion of choice.  Talking to NPCs and going into and out of cities makes the story feel more free; less urgent.  however, in FFXIII there is no interaction with NPCs and no exploring.  The plot is constantly ongoing and it feels as though the characters never get a rest. 

    The battle system doesn't make it all up.  FFXIII has a great new battle system.  It is challenging and entertaining and can be quite complex.  This is a great plus for a game that makes you fight in many many battles on the linear path.  There just isn't a lot of variation.

    FFX and FFXIII have great stories where you begrudgingly become attached to the characters.  These epic stories drive the gameplay more than any other aspect.  For an RPG that is great but it should drive play along side entertainment and strategy; not despite it.

    Lastly, FFX allowed for development of characters as you would like.  Thus far, FFXIII has taken the character development in a linear direction.

    FFXIII plays out like a book being read to you. 
    FFX plays like a book being written by you.
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